Cookies policy

Last updated on 03/31/2021

Graine de Malice uses cookies on its website. These cookies make it possible to simplify access to the site as well as navigation and increase the speed and efficiency of use of the latter. They can also be used to individualize the site according to your personal preferences (for example the choice of the language of consultation). Cookies also make it possible to analyze the use of our site in order to identify and eliminate possible embarrassments.

“Cookies” also allow users connected to social media to directly share the information they find on the Graine de Malice website.


A cookie is a small text file issued by our site's server which contains user data and which we save on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our site and which includes a unique identification number. 

There are several types of cookies. Session cookies disappear as soon as you close your internet browser. “Permanent cookies” are stored on your computer, even after you close your browser. 

These cookies do not damage your computer or the files on it. Most of these cookies expire when you end your visit to our sites. Others have a longer lifespan, but this never exceeds 13 months, in accordance with the regulations in force.


Graine de Malice issues different types of cookies, the use of which is described below. Please be aware that the cookies we place on your devices do not contain any personal or sensitive data (for example, your name, address or payment details are not stored in cookies).

Technical cookies
These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the site and allow smooth navigation.

Functional cookies
These cookies are essential for browsing our sites, and allow in particular: (1) to memorize information collected via a form completed by you (creation or access to your account, subscribed service, content of an order basket, etc. .); (2) to allow you to access reserved and personal areas of our sites, such as your account, using identifiers; (3) to implement security measures, for example when you are asked to log into your account again after a certain period of time.

Analytical and audience measurement cookies
These cookies allow us to establish statistics and to monitor the volumes of visits and use of our services, in order to improve them and your experience as a user of our site. To do this, we use Google Analytics in particular.

Personalization of the user experience
These personalization cookies allow us to adapt the presentation of our site according to the terminal used and to adapt the presentation of our sites according to the affinities of each user.

These cookies are not essential but allow you to navigate smoothly on our sites, regardless of the device you are using. 

Social media cookies
You can share the information found on the Graine de Malice site on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, for example. To do this, it is enough to click on the appropriate buttons located on the pages of our site. However, these buttons only work if the relevant social media recognizes this cross-party cookie. Through this cookie, the social media recognizes its own user, allowing the latter if he is connected to share information or videos directly. The social media cookie will however only be activated if you click on the button of the social media on which you wish to share the information and not before.

See the social media cookie statements (which may change from time to time) to find out more: 



The configuration of most browsers allows you to accept or refuse cookies and to notify you each time a cookie is used. You are free to refuse these cookies. In particular, you can choose to deactivate the use of third-party cookies. Please consult the help function of your browser for more information. 

Internet Explorer cookies
Firefox cookies
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Safari cookies

Note that cookies are machine- and browser-specific. You must therefore configure each browser you use (for example your computer and your smartphone).

“Private Browsing”, offered today by all browsers, allows you to browse “anonymously”, that is to say without your history of pages visited and your downloads being kept. Regarding cookies, all those that have been saved during your browsing will be erased when you close your browser. It is therefore not a solution for refusing cookies; however, their lifespan remains limited to the duration of your navigation.