Our Impact

Welcome to the world of Loopipak, where every package counts, not only for your company but also for our planet.

Our mission is simple : to reduce waste, costs and carbon emissions by revolutionizing the way companies ship their products. Find out how we have created a significant environmental, economic and social impact.

I. Environmental Impact : A Green Revolution 

Loopipak is not only a packaging company; we are also a green revolution. Since our creation, we have saved thousands of tons of waste from going to landfill. Thanks to our circular economy model, we have also significantly reduced our customers' CO2 emissions.

  • Waste reduction : Our reusable packaging system, based on the re-use of waste materials, minimizes waste by replacing single-use packaging.

  • CO2 emissions : We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Short distances : Our commitment to the local economy and industrial symbiosis is part of our approach to sustainability. By minimizing transport distances, we reduce our carbon footprint and reinforce the efficiency of our business model.

II. Economic Impact : More Than Savings 

Loopipak does more than just save the planet; we also help companies saving money. Our reusable packaging solutions are not only environmentally friendly, they are also cost-effective.

  • Cost reduction : Our business model helps companies reduce their packaging costs.

  • Ecological ROI : this is the return on investment when you choose sustainable packaging. Calculate Loopipak's impact on your business.

  • Support for the local economy : The Belgian value of the Loopipak project reflects our support for the local economy. We work with local suppliers and partners to create a value chain that benefits the whole community.

II. Social Impact : A Mission of Inclusion and Diversity

At Loopipak, we believe that positive social change is just as important as environmental and economic impact. This is why we are proud of our partnership with adapted work companies, who play a crucial role in realizing our mission.

  • Employment and Inclusion : Our partners, sheltered workshops, make and maintain Loopipak packaging. These companies offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities or temporary difficulties. The Loopipak project thus creates jobs within these companies and promotes inclusion in the job market.

  • Training and personal fulfillment : The Loopipak project creates more than just jobs ; it also contributes to personal fulfillment by offering suitable employment. It creates the opportunity for training in sewing and assembly, enabling eventual reintegration into the mainstream employment circuit.

  • Social responsibility and diversity : Loopipak is a shining example of social responsibility and support for diversity. We are committed to creating a positive social impact, not only within our company but also in the communities where we operate.

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a more sustainable world, one package at a time. 

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