Sustainability and Environmental Impact

  • Sustainable materials: Loopipak made from polyethylene or PVC advertising tarpaulins. Environmental impact: >2000x better than stretch film solutions.
  • Eco-responsible and local design : Endless use due to eco-design and repair

Ease of use and logistical experience

  • Ease of use: much faster than plastic wrapping and no need for an expensive filming machine.
  • Customer experience: Clean, strong, easy to handle, waterproof and easy to depalletise.

Security and Cost

  • Security: Side straps to hold and protect the goods. From 2 to several ties to secure the cover to the pallet.
  • More economical than plastic film when reused.​

Modularity and storage

  • Less Storage Space: Compact design for easy storage
  • Made-to-measure dimensions to fit your pallets perfectly.
  • Number of tightening straps and pallet fasteners on request.
  • Always repairable

Reusable pallet covers

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