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From Single Use... to Sustainability

Environmental waste due to packaging

Negative environmental impact

High cost of packaging materials

Bulky storage of packaging

Reusable packaging

Reducing carbon footprint

Cheaper than cardboard

Limited storage space

Loopipak for internal logistics : how does it work ?

Step 1

Rent (or buy) Loopipak

Option : Customize your Loopipak

Step 2

Transport with Loopipak

Step 3

Your correspondents return the Loopipak with or without content

Step 4

We take care of any repairs and you maintain your Loopipak

They trust Loopipak

Guillaume D.

John Cockerill

“John Cockerill's mission is to meet the needs of our time. But we recognize that we are not alone in doing what is necessary: whenever possible, we also support companies that hold very good values high, as is the case here with Loopipak. This is a company that is actively contributing to a necessary and important change : consuming more intelligently, by promoting reusable, returnable products, manufactured by adapted work companies, from waste, in a business model that encourages the repair of a long-lasting product rather than its consumption. Admittedly, for the group, this is mostly symbolic: our environmental footprint is huge, and working with Loopipak has a negligible effect... But it is an effect nonetheless. And it is by combining many initiatives of this kind that we are gradually moving the lines. Every time the word "consumable" disappears, we are better off. Bravo Sylvie Michel for your work !”

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Loopipak helps its clients adopt sustainable consumption and production practices. This aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12. Discover the life cycle analyses of our products compared to disposable plastic bags, rigid paper envelopes and cardboard boxes.