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From Single Use... to Sustainability

Environmental waste due to packaging

Negative environmental impact

High cost of packaging materials

Bulky storage of packaging

Reusable packaging

Reducing carbon footprint

Cheaper than cardboard

Limited storage space

Loopipak for B2B companies : how does it work ?

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We take care of any repairs and you maintain your Loopipak

They trust Loopipak

Bertrand R.

Alpha Innovations

"At Alpha Innovations, our collaboration with Loopipak has revolutionized our packaging practices. Their reusable solution has not only reduced our carbon footprint, but also enhanced our customers' experience. Loopipak's commitment to sustainability and innovation aligns perfectly with our values, reinforcing our mission of responsible innovation."

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Loopipak helps its clients adopt sustainable consumption and production practices. This aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12. Discover the life cycle analyses of our products compared to disposable plastic bags, rigid paper envelopes and cardboard boxes.